Company Information

Lancaster/Lehigh/North Hampton

Broker Service Support:

Phone: 888-521-5647

  • Supplemental Provider Lookup (Agents must use Provider directory FIRST)
  • Application Status
  • Submit Sales Material Requests to Warehouse
  • Medicaid Eligibility Confirmation
  • Certain Outbound attempts to Agents for RFI
  • General Benefits Quoting Assistance

Customer Service for Current Members:

Phone (Toll Free): 888-521-5647

Phone (TTY Toll Free): 866-428-7583

Prospective Member Telesales Support:

Phone (Toll Free): 855-241-3648

Phone (TTY Toll Free): 855-241-3649

Check Submission Status:

Check Enrollment Status:

  • Your User ID will most likely be your first initial and last name (ex: John Smith would be JSmith). You can verify your User ID by viewing the details of your AmeriHealth VIP appointment at On the website, just look for IBC: AmeriHealth VIP SNP, and click on “Details” to find your User ID.
  • Your initial password is Password1 (with a Capital P). After your first login, you will have to change your password.

Company Website:


2018 Certification

Certification Instructions for the Following Products:

Medicare Advantage

Certification Start Date:


Is AHIP Required?

No. Agents can complete AHIP or the equivalent Medicare Basics.

What is the Cost of AHIP?

It costs the standard $175 fee.

Does Carrier Reimburse for AHIP?


Is Face-to-Face Training Required?


Will Certifying for 2016 Allow Me to Sell 2015 Products?


Are Additional Steps Required for Those Certifying for the First Time Versus Those Who Are Recertifying?


How Do I Retrieve My Username and Password?

With Gorman, you can usually enter your SSN or FEIN as your username. There is also usually a “forgot password?” link to assist you.

For more help, you can contact Gorman directly at the phone number provided at the top of the program.

Who Do I Contact at Carrier to Confirm Certification?

The program should show that you are certified. If you need further assistance in verifying your certification, you can contact Mike Watson at 800-769-1847 ext. 263.

Certification Web Link:

Agents must first complete contracting. After contracting has been processed, IBC will send out the certification link.


Submitting Business

Important Information:

  • When faxing or emailing applications, please remember to include the completed application, Scope of Appointment (SOA), and cover sheet.
  • Indicate whether or not an SOA is needed in the “Scope of Appointment Determination” section of the fax cover sheet. If an SOA is needed, YOU MUST INCLUDE THE SOA. Please find the Scope of Appointment form under “Downloads.”
  • Make sure to complete ALL of the following fields in the “Office Use Only” section, located at the bottom of page 4.
    • Name of agent/broker
    • Agent/broker signature
    • Date application received
      • If the application was collected at a face-to-face meeting, this date will be the same as the enrollee’s signature date
      • If the enrollee mailed you the application, this date should be the date YOU RECEIVED the application
      • Please remember that the application should be received by Ritter within 24 hours of this date
    • Agent Number
      • This is your 3-digit writing number
      • This is NOT your National Producer Number