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Customer Service/Inforce Policy Service:

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Illustration software can be downloaded to your computer at

Mobile Quoting Software:

Android Users: In the Market, search for Legal & General America or MobileSuite.

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Submitting Business

How to Submit Business with Banner Life:

Paper Applications

  • All new business requiring a paramedical exam must be submitted through Ritter Insurance Marketing’s New Business department. Please fax all required forms to 866-904-5118.
  • Ritter’s New Business Team will order the paramedical exam, submit your application to the carrier, and provide support throughout the entire underwriting process up to policy issue.

Online Enrollments

  • Legal & General America has created a flexible eDelivery solution that will save your agency time and money. They’ve partnered with DocuSign, the global leader in eSignature, to bring you eDelivery for your Banner and William Penn policies. For more information, please visit


Commission Payments:

Commission payment and statement options are set up by completing the Agent/Agency Commission Payment Profile form. This form requests the frequency of payments, minimum balance in order to generate payment, and option to receive commission reports by email.

Web commission statements are available for all appointed agents/agencies. Agents have the ability to run current and past commission statements and view their current and YTD commission balances. To view your commission statements online, please log in, click on the “My Office Tools” tab in the toolbar on the left side of the page, and click on “Commissions.”

Commission payments are processed every business day. A variety of payment frequencies are offered to suit the preferences of your agents/brokers. Two payment methods are offered: paper check or electronic funds transfer (EFT). If opting for EFT, a copy of a voided check will need to be submitted with the Agent/Agency Commission Payment Profile form. If a voided check copy cannot be provided, a confirmation of the account information on bank letterhead can be accepted. EFT is only available for checking accounts.

To inquire about an agent’s individual commission method and frequency, please contact the Licensing Department.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):

EFT is an easy and efficient way to receive commission payments, and is highly recommended to alleviate the issues associated with manual handling, such as lost or delayed checks. The frequencies available are daily, weekly, bi-weekly, standard (three times per month), and monthly.

EFTs are transferred to the bank on the day following the commission cycle. A corresponding email is sent to the address that we have on file for the agent if that option was elected. The funds generally will be available within one to two days for each agent, depending on each individual bank’s EFT procedures for processing the funds.

Paper Checks:

Commission is sent by paper check unless EFT is specified as the payment selection on the Agent/Agency Commission Payment Profile form. If the scheduled mail date falls on a non-business day, the checks will be sent out the next business day.

Banner: Paper checks are sent overnight to the brokerage general agency via overnight courier on the day following the agent’s commission cycle.

William Penn: Paper checks are sent two days after the agent’s commission cycle with first class mail to the brokerage general agency.

Commission Cut-Off Dates:

Commission is processed and released every business day. The actual processing frequency will vary for each broker based upon their selection as reported on the Commission Payment Profile form (BK-12/BK-12WP). Many brokers opt for payment three times per month which results in the cut-off dates of the 10th, 20th, and the last business day of the month.

The delivery requirements need to be recorded and the policy made active before the close of business on the broker’s selected payday. If commission is expected for a particular policy that does not appear on a commission statement, it is likely the policy is not active due to an outstanding delivery requirement. To ensure that commission is paid on the next commission cycle, please verify that the policy is activated prior to the commission processing date by checking the status on the website and resolving any outstanding issues with the appropriate business area. For inquiries regarding delivery requirements, please contact Policy Delivery.

Calculating Commissions:

Commissions are calculated as a percentage of target premium. These percentages are specified in each contract addendum that contains provisions for first year commissions, renewals and service fees.

For term products, the target premium is generally the modal premium minus the policy fee. For universal life products, the target premiums vary by age, sex, underwriting classification, and plan. Target premiums are included in the Illustration Manager software. Universal life premiums received that are greater than the target premium, called “excess premiums,” receive commission at a lower rate.

Advance Commissions:

Advance commission (also referred to as annualization) is available for agent/brokers. With brokerage general agent (BGA) approval, 75 percent of first year annualized commission payment on monthly PAC policies will be advanced to the agent/broker. The 25 percent remaining first-year commission will be paid on an earned basis upon receipt of the 10th, 11th, and 12th month’s premium. The maximum advance commission per case is $2,500, and the maximum limit of an agent’s advance balance is $25,000. The Brokerage General Agent is responsible for the repayment of any unearned advances.

Commission on Replacements:

When an in-force policy (life or annuity plans) is replaced, or if its benefits are reduced in conjunction with the issuance of a new policy, it is considered an internal replacement. Partial or total surrenders, lapses with or without value, decreases in benefit amounts, or loans in excess of 25 percent of all applicable policy loan values are all considered a reduction in coverage for replacement purposes. If the activity takes place within six months before or after the date of application or effective date of the new policy, it is considered a replacement. Policies eligible for conversion are excluded from this definition.

Commissions may be reduced on new policies that are replacing existing policies. Existing policies include any with the Company or its subsidiaries. Commissions may also be reduced when the applicant is deemed to have a replacement history.

In situations where an agent other than the one who wrote the original policy writes the replacement, the new agent writing the case receives all applicable compensation and production credit for the case subject to any replacement adjustment.

Commission for first-year UL premiums above target and renewal premiums are calculated at the rate listed in the commission addendum.

If multiple policies are being replaced on the same insured, the target premiums of all current policies are utilized to classify the case for compensation purposes.

Commission on Table Ratings and Flat Extras:

Commission will follow the appropriate addenda and pay normal commission rate for table rated cases. Full commission is paid on flat extras that are six years or longer (permanent) in duration. There will be no commissions paid on flat extras that are less than six years (temporary). The company reserves the right to change the procedure for calculating commission on table and flat extra ratings at any time.

Policies Split Between Two General Agents:

For policies being split between two general agents, the override commission and bonus are paid to both general agents according to split instructions on the Agent Report. The first general agent listed on the Agent Report is the general agent responsible for case management of the policy.

Multiple Agent Appointments:

Please verify the correct agent’s number is recorded on the “Agent Report” page of the life insurance application. Changes after policy delivery are not likely to be made. For more details on multiple agency appointments, please refer to the Licensing section.

Held Commission Payments:

If the premium and commission for a policy is greater than $25,000, commission is automatically held for 14 calendar days from the date premium is received. For significantly large sums, we may hold until receipt of the money is confirmed. We reserve the right to hold commission on any amount until we are satisfied that funds are received and/or the policy delivery period has expired. If a premium check is returned due to insufficient funds, we reserve the right to hold commission payment from the replacement check until the check has cleared the bank.

Year-End Commission Processing:

Our cut-off date for Miscellaneous Income Tax Reporting (1099) is the last business day in December. All commission will need to be paid by the last business day in order to be included for the year-end 1099 Misc.

The agent’s individual cut-off date depends on when the agent has elected to be paid. For example, if the agent is paid monthly and the most recent scheduled date is 4th, all commissions applied by December 4th will be included in the 1099 Misc for the year. The next pay date is January 4th of the following year.

Most agents choose the standard method which is the 10th, 20th and the last day of the month. If the agent is set up on the standard method, then all commissions applied by December 20th will be included in the 1099 Misc for the year.

If any cut-off dates mentioned above fall on a non-business day, the cut-off date will be the prior business day.

Contact for Commission Inquiries:

The best way to contact Commission Accounting is by emailing

To contact Commission Accounting by telephone, dial 1-800-638-8428. After reaching the automated attendant, dial 1 for General Agents, then 3 for Marketing and Commission, then 4 to speak to a commission representative.


How to Order Supplies for Banner Life:

Supplies, including customizable marketing materials, applications, and underwriting guides for Banner Life products can be downloaded at

To order supplies:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Banner Life Insurance Company”
  3. Click ‘Agent Login” in the upper-right corner
  4. Enter your Agent ID (Broker #) and Password (Social Security Number)
  5. Click “forms” at the top and select your state from the map
  6. Select marketing materials and add them to the PDF cart
  7. Print and send
  8. Contact Banner Life at 1-800-638-8428 ext. 4132 for additional assistance.

General Information:

  • Forms can be downloaded and copied as needed from
  • There are a few items available in printed format. The list is kept current in the Marketing Materials section of the carrier website. To place an order, please send your request to Faith McFarlane at
  • When requesting a supply order, the following information is required:
    • Agency name
    • Agency number
    • General agency shipping address
    • Form numbers
    • Description of the item
    • Quantity requested (most items are packaged in bulk)

Shipping Information:

We ship supplies to the brokerage general agent only. Orders will be shipped within five business days and are mailed via UPS ground. Distribution direct to sub-agencies or individual agents is not available.