Company Information

Broker Services:

Phone: 866-714-9301

  • Option 1 – Verify receipt of enrollment forms
  • Option 2 – Commission and contracting questions
  • Option 3 – Product and Benefit questions
  • Option 4 – Supply and website questions
  • Option 5 – Provider Outreach and all other questions


Network Products (HMO/PPO) Direct to Local Health Plans:

Health America of PA: 1-800-290-0190

Altius of UT: 1-866-784-4918

Altius of WY: 1-866-784-4918

Carelink: 1-877-843-1938

Iowa: 1-866-901-4692

GHP: 1-800-533-0367

KC: 1-800-727-9712

Nebraska: 1-866-784-4917

Personal Care: 1-866-784-4916

South Dakota: 1-866-901-4692

Georgia: 1-866-613-497

Well Path: 1-866-935-7284

Summit (Tampa): 813-806-2479

Coventry Application Tracker:

To learn more about Coventry’s Application Tracker, please view this PowerPoint presentation and the App Tracker User Guide. To utilize Coventry’s Application Tracker, complete the following steps:

  • Click on Coventry Application Tracker.
  • Enter your log in ID and password
    • Your log in ID is your six-digit Agent Writing Number (AWN)
    • Your password is Coventry and the last four digits of your SSN (ex: Coventry1234)
  • Reset your password and make a password hint (optional)

Company Website:

To visit Coventry’s company website, go to

Coventry’s company website provides easy access to benefit, premium and plan information for ALL Coventry Medicare Products (Integrated Plan Finder). It also hosts the Broker Portal, which contains tools and information to assist agents in selling Coventry Medicare products. Through the Broker Portal, agents can do the following:

  • View the status of enrollment applications and commission information
  • Review steps on how to get appointed
  • Complete Coventry’s online agent training
  • Access sales information and marketing tools
  • View Coventry broker communication releases
  • Order sales materials
  • Update their profiles


2016 Certification

Certification Instructions for the Following Products:

  • Medicare Advantage (MA)
  • Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD)
  • Part D

Certification Start Date:

Live (July 10, 2015)

Is AHIP Required?

Yes. You may transfer your existing AHIP certification to Aetna using their certification portal.

Note: If you transfer your existing AHIP certification to Aetna, please be aware that you must still complete other Aetna-specific requirements to satisfy the Aetna Individual Medicare annual certification requirements.

What is Cost of AHIP?

The cost of AHIP is $125.

Can AHIP Be Used for Compliance Credit?


Does Carrier Reimburse for AHIP?

If you are a 2015 Aetna Medicare Front Runner, the cost of your certification is free.

Certification Product Modules:

  • Core Training and Exam – 28 questions
  • Part D Training and Exam – 16 questions
  • Individual Medicare Market MA/MAPD Training
  • MA/MAPD Overview Training and Exam

Certification Compliance Modules:

AHIP Medicare Training and Exam (Fraud, Waste and Abuse included) – 50 questions

Is Face-to-Face Training Required?

No. New for 2016, you can now complete the certification process entirely online.

Will Certifying for 2016 Allow Me to Sell 2015 Products?

No. Completion of the 2016 AHIP courses and exam will satisfy the requirement for both 2015 and 2016 certification; however, you must complete all of the other 2015 certification components to sell 2015 products.

Are Additional Steps Required for Those Certifying for the First Time Versus Those Who are Recertifying?

Agents certifying for the first time must complete AHIP training modules 1-5. Those who are recertifying and completed last year’s AHIP training requirements must only complete modules 4-5 and the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse training/exam.

Note: Since the final exam covers all five modules, agents who are recertifying should still reacquaint themselves with modules 1-3.

How Do I Retrieve My Username and Password?

You can contact the Broker Service Department at 1-866-714-9301

Who Do I Contact at Carrier to Confirm Certification?

You can contact your Aetna Medicare representative or you can contact the Broker Service Department at 1-866-714-9301 or

Certification Web Link:

Navigation to Certification Portal and Training Courses:

1) Go to

  • New Agents: Click “Create a New Account” in the “Register” box.
  • Returning Agents: Enter your username (NPN or email) and password. Then, click “Login.”

2) Let the system know whether you are an Aetna employee, Front Runner, or telesales agent.

  • Aetna employees: enter your Aetna ID number in the first text box
    and click “Submit”
  • 2015 Individual Medicare Front Runners: enter your NPN in the second text box and click “Submit”
  • Individual Medicare call center agents: enter your employer’s Aetna telesales access code into the second text box and click “submit”
  • All other users: leave the text boxes empty and click “Continue Producer Registration”

3) Fill out the “Confidential Information” section of the registration form and click “Submit”

  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number

4) Complete the remaining personal information fields, and click “Register” button.

5) Create a password. Make note of your password and username, and click “Continue to Home” button.

6) Select your certification

a. Select Medicare plan year

b. Select line of business that you want to sell

c. Check to make sure certification is checked

d. Click “Place me in the selected learning” button

7) Once at the main training page, look at the “My Certifications” section. Click on the title of a training section to get started. Your training course or mastery test will begin.

Note: You have three attempts to pass the mastery test. You must obtain a score of 90% or better on the test. If you abandon the test before you complete it, your answers will not be saved and you will have to re-start the test. If you must abandon the test before completing it, you will not be charged an attempt.

8) Complete the certification steps one at a time.

9) Fill out a short survey (optional) about your certification experience.

Submitting Business

Please remember that Aetna/Coventry must receive signed medicare enrollment applications within 48 HOURS after you receive them. Also, keep in mind that you must document a Scope of Appointment (SOA) if you meet with a client for a one-on-one appointment (in person or by phone) to discuss Medicare Advantage (MA), Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD), or Prescription Drug Products (PDP) products.

IMPORTANT: All agents and brokers MUST use the CMS Model SOA form or the CMS-approved Coventry non-model form and MUST attach a copy of the signed SOA form to any application received from a personal/individual face-to-face meeting BEFORE submitting the application to Coventry. You must maintain SOA forms for at least 10 years, and you must be able to produce them upon request.

Before Submitting Enrollment Applications:

Verify that all producer information (e.g., all producer names and NPN numbers) appears correctly in the Broker section of the application. If this information is not provided, commission will not be paid, and applications cannot be changed or corrected once submitted.

Make sure the following items are included on all applications:

  • Beneficiary’s name, as shown on their Medicare card
  • Beneficiary’s date of birth
  • Beneficiary’s permanent residence address/physical street address (P.O. Box is not acceptable)
  • Beneficiary’s contact phone number
  • Medicare Health Information Claim Number (HICN) – This is the number on the beneficiary’s Medicare card
  • Proof of Medicare Part A and/or B entitlement
  • Requested effective date
  • Plan selection
  • Method of payment
  • Signature(s) and date
  • Aetna applications: your National Producer Number (except in Florida where your NPN and AWN are required)
  • Coventry applications: your Coventry Agent Writing Number (except in Florida where your NPN and AWN are required)

Note: When you change a Health America client from a gold-level plan to a silver-level plan the ID number stays the same. The client can use their old card until they receive their new ID. However, they must know that there will be new co-pays on the silver-level plan.

After Submitting Enrollment Applications:

  • Make sure to inform your clients about what will happen next.
  • New MA/MAPD and PDP members, as well as some members who make a plan change (for example, those who change from an MA plan
    to a PDP plan or from a PDP plan to an MA plan) will receive an enrollment verification letter within 10 business days after their application is received.
  • All MA/MAPD and PDP members will receive their member ID card and welcome kit.
  • Some members will receive a welcome call from an Aetna or Coventry customer service representative. On the call,
    we’ll help ensure members understand how to start using their plan benefits.
  • Members may also be contacted by phone later in the year about free services that are part of their plan, such as an in-home
    health assessment.

How to Submit Coventry MA/MAPD/PDP Enrollment Applications:

All Coventry MA/MAPD/PDP enrollment applications must be submitted directly to Coventry. There are several ways that agents can submit business with Coventry:

  • Online through Aetna/Coventry’s Ascend Virtual Sales Office app
    • After you’re ready to sell with Aetna, you can request access to this app on the Broker Portal
    • App works for any iPad-based devise (requires iPad 2 or later model running iOS7 or later) or Windows-based devise (requires Windows7 or later and x86 processor)
    • Click here to watch a quick tutorial on the app
  • Fax: You may fax the enrollment application to the fax number displayed on the enrollment form. Fax numbers vary by local market. For a complete list of mailing addresses and fax numbers, click here.
    • You must include a coversheet with every fax transmission. On the coversheet, please include your AWN, name, email address, and phone number and the beneficiary’s name. Please write the tracking number, which is found on the bottom of the application (in red), in the remarks section of the fax cover sheet (below).
    • Please fax only one application at a time, and remember to also fax the SOA form. Make sure to hold onto your fax confirmations.
  • Mail: You may mail the enrollment application to the address displayed on the enrollment form. Mailing addresses vary by local market. For a complete list of mailing addresses and fax numbers, click here.
    • Do NOT Overnight Mail any enrollment applications to a P.O. Box

How to Check the Status of a Coventry Enrollment Application:

  1. Go to the Broker Portal
  2. Access the App Tracker tool


General Information:

Commissions for HMO/PPO/SNP and Part D are paid weekly. Direct deposit is not required, but it is recommended for faster payment of commissions

Commission Advancing:

First-year commissions for all products are advanced 12 months for January 1 through June 1 effective dates. First-year commissions are advanced for six months for July 1 through December 1 effective dates.

Contact for Inquiries Regarding Commissions:

You can contact Coventry directly regarding questions on Part D (Advantra RX) and HMO/PPO commissions by calling 1-866-714-9301.


How to Order Supplies with Coventry:

Agents need to be “ready to sell”—meaning certified, contracted licensed, appointed—to order Coventry kits. There is a limit on the number of Coventry enrollment kits you can order per month. If you need an additional amount, please contact the plan administrator (contact information is provided on the ordering site).

To order Coventry kits, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Broker Portal.
  2. Click on “Order Sales Supplies,” located on the left side of the page.
  3. Scroll to the center of the page and choose the product-specific kit-ordering link that meets your needs.

Shipping Information:

After placing your order, you’ll see a confirmation screen. You’ll then receive an email when your order is shipped.

Kits are shipped by UPS Ground (3 Day Select). Overnight shipping and P.O. Box delivery are not available.

Contact for Inquiries Regarding Ordering Supplies:

For questions regarding ordering supplies, please reach out to your Aetna or Coventry representative or contact the Medicare Broker Services Department Unit or 1-866-714-9301.