Company Information

Technical Support:


Phone: 888-268-4361

Medicare Broker Services Team:

Phone: 800-633-4368


Fax: 805-376-9741

Hours: Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET and Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET


2016 Certification

Certification Instructions for the Following Products:

  • Medicare Advantage (MA)
  • Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD)
  • Part D

Certification Start Date:

Live (July 1, 2015)

Is AHIP Required?


What is the Cost of AHIP?

It costs $125.

Does Carrier Reimburse for AHIP?

No. However, the carrier offers a discounted rate of $125.

Certification Product Modules:

  • AHIP Medicare Training, including Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA)
  • Compliance training
  • Product training

Additionally, you are required to complete the modules for the products you intend to sell. If you intend to sell MAPD plans, the Part D course must be completed along with the HMO and/or PPO training. For Special Needs Plans (SNPs), both the HMO and Part D courses must be completed along with the SNP training.

Note: Agents must complete the Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) certification to be ready to sell Anthem’s MA plans.

Certification Compliance Modules:

  • Foundation/Basics
  • Risk Prevention
  • Sales Event Reporting
  • Tools for Compliant Selling

Is Face-to-Face Training Required?


Will Certifying for 2016 Allow Me to Sell 2015 Products?


Are Additional Steps Required for Those Certifying for the First Time Versus Those Who are Recertifying?

All new agents will need to log in as a first-time visitor and create a profile before starting the certification training.

How Do I Retrieve My Username and Password?

There are links to assist you if you’ve forgotten either of them.

Who Do I Contact at Carrier to Confirm Certification?

You can submit questions to the certification site email box. Simply click the “Broker Support” link under the “Contact Us” section and enter your questions. You should receive an email, identifying the products for which you are certified, when your certification is complete. You will also have the ability to print a certificate of completion from the carrier website.

For Anthem CA, you can call 888-209-7839. For all other states, contact 800-633-4368.

Certification Web Link:

Navigation to Certification Portal:

1) Click the “Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug and Product Certification” link provided here:

2) Logging in or Creating a Profile

  • New Agents: Click the gray “First Time Visitor” button to create a new profile.
  • Existing agents: Log in with last year’s username and password. There are links to assist you if you have forgotten either of them

3) In the “Access Code” field, key in External-SelfReg (with hyphen, exactly as shown) and click “Submit.” Agents creating a new profile should proceed to Step 4. Existing Agents logging in can skip to Step 7.

4) New Agents will be taken to the “Registration Step 1 of 3” page where the following fields will need to be populated:

a. Last name

b. Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy format)

c. Last 4 digits of Social Security Number (SSN)

5) The “Registration Step 2 of 3” page will display. Complete all required fields (marked with a red asterisk):

a. Enter your National Producer Number (NPN)

b. Create a password and re-enter it to confirm

c. Enter other required fields, such as email address, company name, phone number, etc.

d. Click the “Register” button.

6) The “Registration Step 3 of 3” page will display confirming your registration and providing you with your username. Be sure to make a note of this. Click “Continue.” New agents proceed to Step 8.

7) Existing Agents: your profile information will be displayed. Please review all fields and update if needed. Click “Update Profile.”

8) Agents will be taken to the Anthem Certification Training Center for their AHIP and Compliance and Product Training.

9) Review the Terms of Service Agreement located above the course modules on the training page. You must agree to the Terms of Service in order to proceed with the courses.

10) Click on the “Compliance training” section. The first course in the Compliance training group will be AHIP Medicare Training. Click the AHIP course title.

11) Click “Yes” when asked to confirm you want to leave the Training Center to go to the AHIP site.

12) Your registration information will carry over from the Anthem Certification Training Center. Complete the AHIP profile registration/verification by entering your password information and agreeing to the site terms of service and privacy statement. Click “Register” (or “Update Profile”).

13) The AHIP site will confirm your username on the next page. Click “Continue to Purchase.”

14) You will be directed to a purchase page.

Note: You will be asked by AHIP for upfront payment at Anthem’s discounted rate of $125.

15) Complete the Billing and Payment information. If the Billing information is the same as your Profile information, check the box “Copy profile information.”

16) Click “Place Order.” You will receive an order confirmation. Click “Go to my courses” to begin.

17) Proceed with the AHIP Medicare Training modules and exam, the AHIP Fraud, Waste & Abuse module and exam, and the CMS Compliance training.

18) You can return to the Anthem Certification Training Center from the AHIP window by clicking the “Return to Anthem” link in the upper right corner of the AHIP training page.

19) Launch remaining courses by opening each track and clicking on the course title. The course will launch right in your training page. Use the white forward or back arrows in the lower right corner of the module to navigate the course.

20) You must complete each course module before you are able to access and complete its assessment.

21) A green check mark will show on the “My Certifications” page next to each module or assessment when it has been successfully completed.

Submitting Business

Important Information:

  • The new Scope of Appointment (SOA) form can be found under “Downloads.” It is to be used for all states and all brands and will be the ONLY SOA that will be accepted. The use of any other SOA will be considered non-compliant from this point forward.
  • Medicare Advantage and Part D Enrollment Forms must be submitted immediately upon receipt.
  • Once the Medicare beneficiary and you have signed the form, you must submit the form within 24 HOURS.
  • When submitting applications, please remember to include the cover sheet, SOA, and completed application.

How to Submit Business with Empire BlueCross BlueShield:

How to Upload Applications to myBiz:

  • Log into
  • Click the orange “Menu” button
  • Click “myRitter” in the toolbar that pops up on the left side of your screen
  • Select the red “Upload” button under “myBiz App”
  • Click the blue “Upload Application” button
  • Fill out the required fields, attach the application, and click “Submit”

Other Information:

You can find Agent of Record Change forms for NY under “Downloads.”

If you are replacing an existing Anthem Product, you must fax the attached form to 818-234-1358 or you will not be paid commission. Submitting a new enrollment form without this form WILL NOT change the Agent of record in CA, GA, and NY (thus commissions will stay with the prior agent, not you). We are recommending that you submit this form for ALL Anthem business in CA, GA, and NY just to be safe (it’s hard to know if they had a product in prior years).

  • The Agent of Record form is to be faxed to Anthem’s fax number: 818-234-1358.
  • The enrollment form is to be faxed to Ritter’s fax number: 866-904-5118.


How to Order Supplies with Empire BCBS:

Brokers must be FULLY CERTIFIED AND PRODUCT TRAINED to order supplies with Empire BCBS. For instructions on how to order your Medicare supplies, click here or follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the CustomPoint Portal.
  2. Log in with your User ID, Password, and Account.
    • If you haven’t received your login information, please contact Senior Broker Services at 800-633-4368.
    • When you log in, you will only see the Medicare Advantage and Part D supplies that you are certified to sell.
  3. Click on the “Place an order now” button.
  4. Click on your appointed brand (ex: Anthem, Empire, etc.) in the catalogue menu on the left side of the page.
  5. Select the item or product of your desire in the menu that appears. Please note that enrollment kits contain all required materials for enrollment (Application, Brochure, Summary of Benefits, etc.).
  6. Click on the icon in the “Add to Cart” column that corresponds to the product description. Then, click on “Proceed to Checkout” after you have requested all of your supplies.
  7. Enter the quantity desired for each item or kit. When finished, click “Check Out.”
  8. Enter a shipping address. When finished, click “Next.”
  9. Fill in all required fields. Then, click “Next.”
  10. Review your order. If satisfied, select “Submit.” You will then be directed to a confirmation screen. An email notification will also be sent.

Important Reminders:

In order to help us serve you better, we kindly ask that you order only enough supplies for two to four weeks at a time. Supplies will not run out; however, they are built upon your request.

NCR enrollment forms are included in each kit. Please always leave an application behind at point of sale!