Company Information


Genworth Financial Companies
700 Main Street
Lynchburg, VA 24505


For illustrations, please contact Ritter’s Life & Annuity team at 800-769-1847.

Life Insurance Sales:

  • New Business (All States Except NY): 888-325-5433
  • New Business (NY): 888-265-5433
  • Customer Service (Inforce Policy Information): 888-325-5433
  • Claims Service: 888-325-5433
  • Technical Assistance: 800-404-2956

Annuity Sales:

  • New Business: 877 563.1020
  • Annuity New Business Fax Number: 804-281-6201
  • Fixed Annuity (Inforce Policy Information): 800-221-9501
  • Variable Annuity (Inforce Policy Information): 800-352-9910
  • Fixed Annuity Claims Service: 800-221-9501
  • Variable Annuity Claims Service: 800-635-8056
  • Technical Assistance: 800-404-2956

Submitting Business

Genworth Life Quick Request:

To submit an application through Genworth’s Life Quick Request (“LQR”), please click here.

Once you have entered the request in the system, Genworth will contact the client over the phone to complete the application and schedule the paramedical exam, if required. Do not order a paramed exam for your client. The client signature is collected by the paramed examiner.

IMPORTANT: Effective April 7, 2014, all Colony Term applications with a face amount of $250,000 or below must be submitted through Life Quick Request, iPipeline®, AFFIRMTM for Life, or another Genworth-approved fulfillment platform to be eligible for commission.

Optional Life Quick Request:

LQR may be used for Genworth’s GenGuard UL product.

You can use Temporary Insurance with Life Quick Request; however, you’ll need to use EFT authorization or credit card authorization for the initial premium. (Paper checks are NOT accepted).

Additional Information:

  • There are no passwords for agents to login to LQR.
  • Agents do not have to be contracted to submit an LQR request, but please submit contracting to Ritter within 24 HOURS of submission to ensure commissions are received.
  • Remind your client that they will be contacted by phone within 24 hours of submission. (Genworth will schedule the exam.)
  • If the client would somehow need to call complete the interview, they can call 800-521-7113 after the request has been submitted.


Important Information:

Commission information and statements may be viewed at Genworth’s Agent Website.

Note: Genworth will pay commissions to an individual agent when the agent’s commission balance reaches $50.

Contact for Inquiries Regarding Commissions:

For commission inquiries, please contact 800-991-5684.


How to Order Supplies with Genworth:

Forms and marketing materials may be downloaded electronically or ordered atGenworth’s Agent Website.