Company Information

Health Partners Plans is a not-for-profit health maintenance organization (HMO) serving members in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Bucks, and Montgomery counties.

Corporate Headquarters:

901 Market Street, Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: 215-849-9606

Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Broker Portal:

Agents must have a valid email address and access code to register and log into the portal. Health Partners Plan will use the portal to relay communications related to contracting, commissions, and CMS updates. Once registered, agents can proceed to complete certification.

After agents are authorized as ready-to-sell, they will gain entry into the agent-only areas of the site, where they can order sales and marketing materials and download their authorized agent card.

For help with questions, call at 866-901-8000 and select the Broker option (#4).

Health Partners Medicare Member Relations:

Phone: 1-866-901-8000 (TTY 711)

Hours: Available 24 hours/day and 7 days/week

Website Problems:

To report a problem with Health Partners Plan’s website, please


2016 Certification


Medicare Advantage

Certification Start Date:


Is AHIP Required?


What is the Cost of AHIP?

It costs the standard $175 fee.

Can AHIP Be Used for Compliance Credit?


Does Carrier Reimburse for AHIP?


Certification Compliance Modules:

When clicking on the link, it will walk you through the process.

Is Face-to-Face Training Required?

When clicking on the link, it will walk you through the process.

Will Certifying for 2016 Allow Me to Sell 2015 Products?


Are Additional Steps Required for Those Certifying for the First Time Versus Those Who Are Recertifying?


How Do I Retrieve My Username and Password?

Your user name will be your Social Security number unless you changed it to something different. If you cannot remember your username, you may use your SSN or FEIN instead.

If you have forgotten your password, there is a “forgot password?” link on the website.

Who Do I Contact at Carrier to Confirm Certification?

You can call Broker Support at 866-901-8000, opt. 1, 4.

Certification Web Link:

The links are available on 2016 Health Partners contracting paper and cover page.

Submitting Business

Important Information:

  • The name and provider number for the PCP can be found online or in the Provider Directory.
  • Checklist and Scope of Appointment (if applicable) must be faxed with all application submissions. The completed application, SOA, and checklist must be submitted within 48 HOURS of application date.
  • To verify eligibility, please call 1-866-901-8000. Someone will be available to assist you 7 days/week and 24 hours/day.

Before Submitting Business with Health Partners Plans:

  • Please read all questions carefully and complete the Individual Enrollment Form and Checklist completely. Also, make sure to print clearly to avoid any delays.
  • Please be sure to sign and date the form. A missing signature or date will delay your enrollment. Make sure not to make multiple submissions of the same case as this could also result in delays.
  • Keep the yellow member copy of all pages for your records.

How to Submit Business with Health Partners Plans:

The preferred method of submission is fax.

Contact for Inquiries Regarding Submitting Business:

For questions or concerns, please contact Health Partners Plans’ Broker Services representative, Joseph Johnson, at 215-991-4268.


How to Order Supplies with Health Partners Plans:

Once you have completed their Sales Sentinel certification process you should receive an email asking you to log in to their Broker Portal. The email should also tell you to add your email address under new broker and provide you with an an access code to enter.

After you create your broker account, you will receive an email granting you FULL access to the agent-only areas of this site, where you can order kits and marketing materials and download your authorized agent card. Once you receive this email stating that an account has been established for you on the Innosource System, you can order your supplies.

Please see instructions on how to order supplies for Health Partners Plans below.

  • Log in using the email address and password you set up.
  • Go to sales kits (in the box on the left).
  • Click on “Order Sales Kits.”
  • Enter your username and password. (This is the user name and password that you received in an email for the Innosource System.)
  • Go to “Shop,” then under “Search” select “All Catalogs.” Then, click on “Health Partners” in the purple box.
  • Select which kits that you would like, enter the quantities, and then click “ADD” to add them to your order.
  • Once you have finished your order and are ready to check out, hit “proceed to checkout” (in the upper right corner of the screen).
  • Review and verify what is in your cart and either “continue shopping” (left side of the screen under “your items”) or “check out” (right side of the screen under “actions and quantities”).
  • Once you check out, you will need to verify your shipping information.

Contact for Inquiries Regarding Supplies:

If you have any questions regarding ordering supplies for Health Partners Plans, please call 866-901-8000, opt. 4.