Company Information

Johns Hopkins HealthCare (JHHC) is jointly owned by the Johns Hopkins Health System and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. It serves over 250,000 plan members.

Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC
6691 Bay Meadow Dr.
Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Agent/Broker Support:
877-293-5325 (select opt. 4 within the IVR)

Agents CAN request the following information on behalf of the member:

  • New ID card or replacement
  • Provider network questions
  • Member materials such as SOB, EOC, forms, etc.
  • Billing statement replacements
  • Premium withhold change

Agents CANNOT request the following on behalf of the member. These requests must be made directly by the member.

  • Update a member’s address
  • Request a plan change
  • Cancellation Request
  • Disenrollment Request
  • Any information relating to member claims

Provider Relations (Provider must call, not the agent):

Broker Support Landing Page:

Username: JHHCBroker
Password: 2015

Provider Directory:
To access JHHC’s Provider Directory, please click here.

Formulary Search Tool:

To access JHHC’s Formulary Search Tool, please click here.

Pharmacy Search Tool:

To access JHHC’s Pharmacy Search Tool, please click here.

Dentist Provider Search Tool:

To access JHHC’s Dentist Provider Search Tool, please click here.

Vision Provider Search Tool:

To access JHHC’s Vision Provider Search Tool, please click here.

Other Important Information:

JHHC does not currently have an online enrollment tool


2016 Certification


  • Medicare Advantage

Certification Start Date:

Live (September 15, 2015)

Is AHIP required?

No. JHHC is using Gorman Sales Sentinel to certify agents for 2016 but AHIP’s 2016 Medicare Training is accepted in lieu of Gorman’s 2016 Medicare Basics training.

What is the cost of AHIP?

It costs $175. Gorman certification costs $99. The cost of Gorman certification will be waived if an agent uploads their 2016 AHIP training.

Can AHIP be used for compliance credit?

Information is currently unavailable.

Does Carrier reimburse for AHIP?


Certification Requirements:

  • Medicare Basics
  • Carrier Specific Certification

Is face to face training required?


Will certifying for 2016 allow me to sell 2015 products?

JHHC does not have 2015 Medicare Advantage products.

Are additional steps required for those certifying for the first time versus those who are recertifying?

Everyone is certifying for the first time. JHHC is launching their MA plan in 2016.

How do I retrieve my User Name and Password?

Links to certify with JHHC for 2016 will be sent after contracting is returned to Ritter and processed. The link will allow agents to register for Gorman Sales Sentinel if it is their first time certifying with Gorman; If an agent has previously certified with Gorman then there is a password retrieval option available for agents that do not remember their password.

Who do I contact at Carrier to confirm certification?

Agents should contact Ritter’s Broker Services Unit (BSU) at 800-769-1847 ext. 902 to confirm that they are appointed, certified, and ready to sell.

Certification Web Link:

Gorman Sales Sentinel 2016 certification links for Johns Hopkins Healthcare (JHHC) will be sent to the agents once their 2016 JHHC contracting has been processed.

Submitting Business

Parts of a Compliant Application Submission:

  • New Business Fax Cover Sheet
  • Application
  • Scope of appointment (If SOA is not necessary, please indicate that on the New Business Cover Sheet)


General Information:

  • All commissions for Johns Hopkins HealthCare are paid to agents byCustom Benefit Plans.
  • Commissions are subject to your contract with Custom Benefit Plans, so if you have specific questions about commission payments, you should consult your contract.
  • Here are some highlights on commission payments (not a complete list of terms):
    • You must be “in good standing” with JHHC in order to receive commissions and renewals.
    • Custom Benefit Plans pays commission via Direct Deposit every Friday (with exceptions for holidays) for JHHC. Commissions are generally credited to your bank account 24–48 hours later.
    • You can view commission statements online
    • In order to process commission payment, we require a W-9 and an ACH form.


  • Custom Benefit Plans will distribute Johns Hopkins HealthCare supplies to agents.