Company Information

Life Products

For Policyowner Service, please contact:

  • 5750 CR 225
  • Brownwood, TX 76801
  • 800-604-8002 (Phone)
  • 888-525-5002 (Fax)

For Sales & Marketing, please contact:

  • 866-615-2309


  • 9800 Woodway Drive
  • Waco, TX 76712
  • 800-274-4829 (Phone)
  • 254-751-0115 (Fax)


  • 800.274.4829

Policyowner Service:

  • 800.745.4927

New Business:

  • 877.603.0065

Home Office

Executive Office

  • Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company
  • 1605 LBJ Freeway, Suite 710
  • Dallas, Texas 75234
  • 469-522-4400 (Phone)
  • 469-522-4401 (Fax)

Submitting Business

Life Products New Business Submission:

Apploader Application

You are now able to write an application, take a picture of it and of the support documents, and transfer them directly to our server using our new “apploader” application. You can keep the originals for your file. You’ll no longer need to copy and fax the apps. You’ll save time and speed up the underwriting process.

If you have already downloaded our premium calculator to your iPhone or iPad, you will receive an “update” notice from Apple for the calculator. Download the update and a “Transmit Documents” bar/tab will appear at the bottom of your calculator. This is the tab you will use to transmit applications and documents directly to our server. The “apploader” app will also appear on your iPhone or iPad.

Point of Sale Telephone Interview Agent Guidelines

After you complete your client’s application for Life Insurance, you initiate a point of sale telephone interview (POSTI) from your client’s home by calling 1-800-604-6844. Please introduce yourself as a LBL or CLICO Agent to our trained interviewer and be specific as to which product you want. Once you have answered a few questions, you will hand the phone over to your client.

During the call, our trained professional interviewer will conduct MIB, RxCheck, and MVR (if product calls for) searches, along with verifying answers to the health questions. Upon completion of the interview with the client, the interviewer will then ask to speak with the agent to advise you whether or not the application should be sent to the Home Office. In addition, for Final Expense Sales only, you may be advised if your client should be changed from a SIMPL to a Modified Whole Life plan assuming the MWL is available in that state.

You will get a reference number from the interviewer. This number MUST be recorded on the top of your application before you submit it to new business.

Please do not send in any declined application.

The Point of Sale Telephone Interview Service will be available:

  • 800-604-6844
  • Monday through Thursday 8:30 am to 9:00 pm EST
  • Friday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm EST

TeleSales Agents

If you are selling a product over the telephone, or by mail, three way calls are acceptable. The Agent will be responsible for the initiation of contacting the Interviewer during the sales call.

US Mail:

  • PO Box 224
  • Brownwood, TX 76804


  • 888-525-5002 (Do Not Send Original)


  • (Do Not Send Original)

Annuity New Business Submission:

Submit annuity applications to:

  • P.O. Box 5147
  • Spring?eld, Illinois 62705-5147


  • 800-745-4927


  • 866-505-9377


Marketing materials and applications may be downloaded at