Company Information

Corporate Office (Houston, TX)

  • Mailing Address
    • New Era, Philadelphia American or New Era of the Midwest
    • P. O. Box 4884
    • Houston, TX 77210-4884
  • Overnight address
    • 11720 Katy Freeway
    • Suite 1700
    • Houston, TX 77079
  • Telephone
    • 800-713-4680
  • Email

Satellite Office (Omaha, NE)

  • Mailing Address
    • Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company
    • P. O. Box 34952
    • Omaha, NE 68134-9832
  • Overnight Address
    • 10110 Nicholas St
    • Suite 200
    • Omaha, NE 68114
  • Telephone
    • 800-713-4680

Submitting Business


REMINDER: You are paid a one time $25 Administrative Fee for all Guaranteed Issue Policies (except the state of Illinois).

One-Time Non-Refundable $10 Application Fee

Faxing Applications

  • New Era is pleased to offer the ability to submit fully completed and legible applications via fax. Only the fax number of 281-368-7344 may be used for the submission of faxed Medicare Supplement applications. Upon receipt, the company will draft the initial premium, including the one time application fee. The cover sheet, found here, is required to be submitted with each faxed application. Please be sure to notify the applicant that their account will be drafted upon receipt of the application.

Mailing Address

  • Philadelphia American (Make check payable to Philadelphia American)
  • Philadelphia American Life Insurance Co
  • Attention: Underwriting
  • P. O. Box 4884
  • Houston, TX 77210-4884

Overnight Address

  • 11720 Katy Freeway
  • Suite 1700
  • Houston, TX 77079

New Era Life Insurance Company

  • Make check payable to New Era Life, mail to the same address and to the attention of Underwriting

Medicare Supplement E-applications are here

  • The e-application for Medicare Supplement has arrived! We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, Medicare Supplement applications may be submitted online by the agent. We have simplified the process and hope you find it easy and convenient.
  • The following is a list of conditions and guidelines regarding the submission of electronic applications:
    • The agent must be licensed with our company AND must have a registered agent login name and password for our website,
    • E-applications may only be submitted via your secure agent web page.
    • All required fields on the application must be properly completed and signed before the application can be submitted. BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR APPLICATION WITH ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
    • Every section of the application that requires the applicant’s signature will require a checkbox to be filled in.
    • The applicant will be required to answer a security question to confirm their electronic signature. Their security answer will be verified during the telephone interview.
    • Every section requiring an agent signature will also require a checkbox to be filled in. The agent name will populate the signature lines and agent page.
  • The applicant must agree to automatic bank draft (any mode) as we will not accept checks to be mailed to the Home office separately from the application.
    • In order to verify bank account number and routing number, you will be required to submit the information twice (in lieu of a voided check). The last 4 digits of the applicant’s account number will be verified during the telephone interview.
    • All open enrollment & guaranteed issue applicants will receive a phone call to verify their esignature and their account information.
    • For new business, the initial premium including the application fee will be drafted upon receipt of the application. Be sure the applicant understands that this does not guarantee coverage. For internal plan changes, although the applicant must choose automatic bank draft, we will not draft the initial premium until the policy is issued.
    • Before final submission of the application, a Review page with the summarized data entered will allow the agent to review and/or edit the information. You will be able to print this page. Once verified, the agent will click on the “SUBMIT” button.
    • The agent will be able to view the application with an option to print a PDF version of the application. The policy number will be assigned, and it will be printed on the application. This is a compliant document.
    • You will be able to view your pending applications through your secure agent login. In the future, we plan to add the status of each application as well, but it is currently still under development.
    • New Era has recently added a validation feature that will help ensure they are getting the correct information in the bank draft portion of their E-application. They will be validating the routing number for the applicant’s bank account. After the routing number is entered and the verification of that routing number is completed, the type of account will need to be selected. The program will determine if the routing number is a valid number, and it will automatically fill in the name of the bank.
    • *We encourage you to submit your applications electronically, and please contact the Marketing Hotline, 877-368-4692 and press option 5, for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you!


Final expense whole life applications may be submitted electronically at If you have questions or problems submitting applications via the e-App process, please contact New Era at 877.368.4692.

Applications submitted by mail:

  • P.O. Box 4884
  • Houston, TX 77210-4884

Life Application Fax:

  • 281-368-7144


  • Agents are paid a one-time $25 Administrative Fee for all Guaranteed Issue Policies (with the exception of those in the state of Illinois)
  • Commission checks will be mailed semi-monthly provided that the accumulated total commission is $50.00 or more.
  • The cut-off dates for premium applied are on the 15th and last day of the month. Commissions will be mailed out after two business days from the cut-off dates
  • If you choose to use direct deposit for your commission checks click here for the form.
  • Complete the form and return it to the address at the top of the form.
  • Direct deposit commissions will be deposited in your bank account after two business days from the cut-off dates (15th and month end).