Company Information

SBLI of Massachusetts
1 Linscott Road
Woburn, MA 01801

Premium Payments by Mail:

  • SBLI
  • P.O. Box 55249
  • Boston, MA 02205-5249

Sales & Marketing Support

  • 888-224-7254 option 1

New Business & Policyholders Service

  • 888-224-7254 option 2

Underwriting Help Desk

  • 888.224.7254 option 2

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Submitting Business

New Business Requiring a Paramedical Exam

All new business requiring a paramedical exam must be submitted through Ritter Insurance Marketing’s New Business department. Please fax all required forms to 866-904-5118. Our New Business team will order the paramed exam, submit your application to the carrier and provide support throughout the entire underwriting process through policy issue.

Electronic Forms

If you have submitted an e-Application through iPipeline, the forms will be sent to SBLI electronically by iPipeline. However, if you selected to print and wet-sign the iPipeline e-Application, the forms will need to be sent to SBLI (or Ritter New Business, if a paramedical exam is required) using the traditional method for submitting forms.

Application Submission via Mail

  • SBLI of Massachusetts
  • P. O. Box 4048
  • Woburn, MA 01888

Life Insurance Application Submission Address (with Premium Payment)

  • SBLI of Massachusetts
  • One Linscott Road
  • Woburn, MA 01801




  • 781-994-4240



Commission statements can be viewed and downloaded at

If you have any questions regarding your statements please contact our Commissions Department, please contact:

  • 888-224-7254 option 3


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Illustrations software and quote tools can be accessed at

Marketing Materials and Forms

All product marketing materials, applications and supplemental forms are downloaded directly from