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Online Forms (General & State Specific)


Addresses for Mailing New Business

  • Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company
  • P. O. Box 16960
  • Clearwater, FL 33766-6960

Overnight Delivery Address

  • Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company
  • 2536 Countryside Blvd
  • Suite 501
  • Clearwater, FL 33763

Agent Services Phone Number

  • 1-888-510-0668

Fax Number for New Business – ACH Applications

  • 1-800-719-1264


Address for Mailing New Business:

  • Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company
  • PO BOX 65478
  • Salt Lake City, UT 84165-0478

Overnight/Express Mail Address:

  • Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company
  • 1405 West 2200 South
  • Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Agent Services Phone Number:

  • 800.247.1423

New Business Fax:

  • 877-841-8613

Email Addresses:

  • New Business:
  • Underwriting:
  • Sales Support:
  • Customer Service:


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  • User Name – Your 10 digit Agent Number
  • Password – Last four numbers of your SSN or TIN

Allows access to: Product Forms, Annuity Illustration Software, Commission Statements, Income Rider Calculator, and Customer Application Search

Submitting Business


Properly completed applications should be finalized within approximately 5-7 days of receipt at Sentinel’s administrative office.

The ideal turnaround time provided to the producer is approximately 11-14 days, including mail time.

Policy Issue Guidelines

  • All applicants must be covered under Medicare Part A.
  • Applicants in Texas and Washington must be covered under Medicare Part A and B.
  • Policy issue is state specific.
  • Review the guidelines when you are submitting Medicare Supplement business where the person has Medicare Advantage currently.
  • Replacements
    • A “replacement” takes place when an applicant wishes to exchange an existing Medicare supplement policy/certificate from Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company (internal),
    • or any other company (external), for a newer or different Medicare supplement/Select policy. Internal replacements are processed the same as external, requiring a fully completed application.
    • All replacements involving a Medicare supplement, Medicare Select or Medicare Advantage plan must include a completed Replacement Notice.
  • One copy is to be left with the applicant; one copy should accompany the application.
  • Policy Delivery Receipt
    • Delivery receipts are required on all policies issued in Louisiana, Nebraska, and South Dakota
  • Medicare Advantage (MA) Proof of Disenrollment
    • If applying for a Medicare supplement, Underwriting cannot issue coverage without proof of disenrollment
    • Calculating Premium
      • Utilize Outline of Coverage
  • Effective Date
    • The effective, or draft date, cannot be on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month– Premium Collected
    • Indicate the amount of premium collected with the application on the Premium Collected box located on the application
  • Renewal Premium
    • Determine how the client wants to be billed going forward (renewal) and select the appropriate mode on the Renewal Mode section on the application
    • Indicate, based on the mode selected, the renewal premium. Monthly direct is not allowed
  • NOTE:
    • If utilizing Automatic Check Plan (ACH) as a method of payment, please complete Section 5, Billing Information, of the application.
    • If paying the initial premium by ACH, this section must be completed and submitted with the application.
    • The policy will NOT be issued until the billing information is received.
    • At this time Sentinel does not accept payments by credit/debit cards, this portion of Section 5 should not be completed.
  • Collection of Premium
    • At least one month’s premium must be submitted with the application.
    • If a mode other than monthly is selected, then the full modal premium must be submitted with the application.
    • In California, only one month’s premium can be submitted with the application.
    • If faxing an application, the applicant can only choose monthly ACH and the first draft (Initial payment) will be processed immediately upon approval.


Life business may be submitted via the iGo e-App process.

  • Agent logs into the producer portal:
  • Agent selects the iGo icon
  • Select “Start New Case” or “View My Cases”
  • Fill out the application accordingly (make sure all pages have green check mark)
  • Validate and lock the completed application
  • Select a signature method

When submitting a paper application, please fax to : 877-841-8613.


To access commission statements, log onto and select Producer Portal.


Marketing materials and applications may be downloaded at the Producer Portal. Printed forms are ordered in the same location on the website via an online ordering system.