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  • Complete your AHIP and FFM Certification, Continuing Education, and get up to date Training to improve your ability to sell.
  • Ask us about our incentive programs to get your Education and Certifications paid for by CBPI @ contracting@custombenefitplans.com.
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Senior – Medicare Advantage Certification

  • Open Now – You can go to Aetna, Geisinger, and other Carrier sites to complete your AHIP Certification at a $50 discount over the retail cost of $175
  • Reimbursement
    • Complete your AHIP Certification and return the Completion Certificate to us at jdinardo@custombenefitplans.com by 8/15/16. Submit and Close 10 MA or 30 Part D (or a combination of the 2), policies with CBPI and we will reimburse you $125 of your AHIP Certification Costs
  • Keep in mind, this is not the Carrier AHP Equivalent AHIP Certification, which is a Certification from the carrier that only lets you do that carrier’s products, but is not for all Carrier products
    • Be sure to do the Full, Official AHIP Certification to place business with all Carriers
  • CBPI AHIP Certification – Medicare Advantage



Under 65  – ACA / Obamacare Certification

  • Open Since 8/1
    • Refresher course is new this year for Individual only (not SHOP)
      • May be used if you’ve taken FFM before, shorter 25 question test (with NAHU)
      • With CMS, there are additional questions and testing
      • May be worth paying for the NAHU version to spend less time
    • Courses can be taken with:
      • CMS Portal (Free, no CE credits, requires additional lessons and testing)
      • NAHU*
      • AHIP*
      • Gorman is not doing this year

* NAHU & AHIP price varies by test taken, CE Credits vary by state and test taken


Continuing Education

We understand the importance of keeping current on your training and education. You attend a ton of workshops, read a bunch of articles, talk to 100’s of people about the changing landscape in the insurance market.  But, we also know that Continuing Education is often one of the last things that you think of until your 24 month period is almost up.

CBPI offers many courses approved for Continuing Education throughout the year to help you get your CE credits at the same time that you’re working on your business. We know that is often difficult to attend and becomes an after-thought.

That’s why we’ve partnered with WebCE, the largest online CE provider for the insurance industry, to provide you with discounted CE credits. Get your CE credits through WebCE and CBPI and you’ll receive up to a 15% discount off of your CE.

Place your new business with CBPI** and we’ll pay for up to 24 credits when you purchase your CE through The CBPI Portal

** Place 10 new Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, ACA policies or 5 Ancillary Lines (Dental, Vision, Accident, Critical Illness) policies or 2 new Life Insurance (Term, Perm, Final Expense) or Annuity policies through CBPI that are paid by the carriers to CBPI and receive a voucher through the WebCE system for up to 24 Health & Life CE credits. Note that policy count is additive based on the carrier used – if a carrier is not paying CBPI for the policy, then that submission does not count toward your total.