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The quoting tool below lets you easily compare different insurance plans. Once you find a plan you like, you just apply, enroll, pay and you’re covered!

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  • The cost of health and dental insurance depends on where you live, how many people are in your household, and income.
  • You can view your selected favorite health and dental plans for coverage year 2021 from start of open enrollment.

This tool takes you through a few simple steps to find the right medical and dental plan for you. Please note, if you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us. This tool is intended to help you learn about:

• Projected costs of buying and using different health and dental plans.

• Whether a plan covers your prescription drugs.

• Use this tool to help you decide on a plan. After you choose a plan you can enroll through Custom Benefit Plans.

Here are a few things to consider when reviewing the costs of a plan:

• The monthly payment (premium).

• Co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance and maximum out-of-pocket limits.

IMPORTANT: By clicking “Continue” below, you acknowledge that you understand:

• This tool is not intended to be your only source of information for health insurance decisions. You should consider all relevant facts in choosing a health insurance plan, including whether your doctors accept the insurance and are in the plan network. You need to review plan documentation carefully so that you understand what you are receiving.

• The results in the tool are an estimate only. The only way to see what you are fully eligible for is to submit your information through Custom Benefit Plans.

• The plans available in this tool may change without notice. Custom Benefit Plans does not guarantee the availability of a plan prior to submission of your application.

• Your actual costs may vary significantly from the estimate provided depending on:

–Your actual health care usage.

– Type(s) and location(s) of the care you receive.

– The accuracy of the information you provide.

• We make every effort to make the drug preferences list in this tool as accurate as possible, but health plans can change the prescription drugs they cover at any time. Some drugs may not appear in the drug preferences list even though they are actually covered. To confirm that a particular drug is covered, call the insurance company or go to its website.

• The tool’s results are not an endorsement of, and should not be considered support for or against, any specific plan, program, or insurer.

• The information you enter into this tool will not be stored or shared with any third party or insurance company. It will have no effect on your current or future premiums, cost sharing or eligibility for coverage. To obtain coverage, you will have to submit your information to Custom Benefit Plans.