Five Reasons Why People Choose to Buy Fixed Annuities

Written by Michael Wooters

Is the stock market concerns keeping you up at night? Sleep better knowing you have an annuity. Here are 5 reasons why people buy fixed annuities:

SAFETY: Fixed annuities have no investment risk. They guarantee that the money in your annuity is safe from the financial market’s ups and downs.

CERTAINTY: Fixed annuities provide a variety of ways to receive income for life – and your income check is guaranteed no matter how long you live.

PROTECTION: Fixed annuities protect both your premium and interest as your annuity grows AND the lifetime payments from your annuity throughout retirement.

TAX DEFERRAL: Fixed annuities are tax deferred and the power of tax deferral helps to increase interest earnings. 

MINIMUM PREMIUMS: Fixed annuities allow you to save regularly with modest premium amounts.

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