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Custom Benefit Plans offers new network members valuable CE credits

health ce credits

Join the Custom Benefit Plans Network and you’ll be able to get many, if not all, of the continuing education credits you need for your next health licensure renewal.

New members can receive up to 24 CE credits at no cost. This exceptional benefit helps you:

  • Save time—reduce or eliminate CE course selection and study time, so you can focus on generating revenue
  • Save money—dollars previously budgeted for classes, workshops, and seminars now can be used to bring in more business

And because these credits may be all you need to meet the requirements of your state, you’ll have a much easier time providing documentation for your renewal.

Comprehensive agent support helps you boost your sales and efficiency
In addition to CE credits, you get access to all major carriers, strong marketing support, and a commitment to outstanding agent service.

To find out more about joining Custom Benefit Plans, fill out and submit the VIP Agent Inquiry form, or call Sal DiNardo at 1-866-422-9188 ext. 206.  

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