Many Carriers provide specific links to contract directly through their website, while others enable Agents to use outside vendors to help manage the contracting process. Either way, Contracting can be a complex process and be the difference between being paid in a timely manner or not at all.

Let Custom Benefit Plans walk you through the contracting process step by step. Let us know who you want to contract with by contacting us at 866-422-9188 or email us

You can also save time using our self-service contracting platform, SureLC, by clicking on the Link below. If you have not contracted with CBPI using SureLC before, please select “New User” to create your account. Once in, you’ll be able to enter your information one time and complete contracting with multiple carriers.

Warning: The following Carriers require a link specific to your Contracting level which needs to be sent to you by Custom Benefit Plans.

Most Blue Cross Carriers – Independence Blue Cross, Horizon, Highmark, AmeriHealth

Agents have historically been confused by the number of carrier links they receive and end up improperly contracting, which could eliminate your tie to the carrier and consequently de-link you from the carrier for commissions.

Avoid the maze of confusion that exists and register for our Pre-Appointment Notification Process. Sign up today to be alerted the moment Carrier contracting is available from each Carrier and we will send you the specific link with instructions on how to complete the appointment process. You will increase the odds that you are linked to your clients and shorten your commission payment cycles.

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  • Please hold down the CTRL key to select multiple carriers