Custom Benefit Plans, Inc. (CBPI) is a team of health insurance, life insurance and annuities professionals dedicated to providing unparalleled service to clients, independent agents and affiliated agencies. 


Our Customers

We serve you and your family with unbiased advice and guidance concerning the types of policies that may help your specific situations. We also look at how to help you:

  • Manage risk. Do you have too little—or too much—insurance? How and where can your exposure to risk be offset where needed?
  • Scale your coverage. Your risk management needs will change as your life evolves. We can look at new, different, and alternative coverages to help protect you where you are now.
  • Prepare for the unexpected. We can help you assess risks that you may not have considered, such as lost income due to disability, loss of a primary wage earner, various types of business insurance, coverage for special needs family members, and much more.

We will monitor your insurance portfolio and we may make tactical suggestions on modifying coverage based on events in your life.

Our Agents

We assist with all your day-to-day challenges so that you can focus on the growth of your business. To ensure the success of our agents, CBPI provides access to the most cost-competitive products, useful tools and ongoing training, a wealth of industry news updates and insights, and a full staff dedicated to providing friendly and ongoing support.

Our commitment to growth is continually actualized through broker acquisitions, mergers and strategic partnerships that satisfy our agents’ ever-growing insurance needs without ever compromising our commitment to the creation and development of positive, long-lasting business relationships.

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Our Team

Executive Team

Sal DiNardo


Jeff Kushner

Life Division
Vice President

As Senior Vice- President of the Life Division, Jeff’s primary role is to recruit new agents & agencies to sell life insurance products. In addition, Jeff brings 30+ years of a unique combination of Brokerage Sales, Underwriting and Home Office experience allowing him to be the key point of contact with the insurance carriers directly along with the valued brokers. If you need a special case design to win a case, or underwriting assistance expertise, Jeff is your man! Call him today at 1-866-422-9188 x221

Mike Wooters

Annuity Vault: President

Mike Wooters joined Custom Benefit Plans and started the Annuity Vault, Inc. as a Vice President, in 2013. He has over 20 years of experience in the insurance brokerage community.  He has been with several leading insurance companies such as AIG, Jackson National, as well as being employed by many insurance marketing firms for his expertise. Mike’s knowledge of insurance products is extensive, especially with fixed annuities and indexed annuities. If you are looking for a competitive rate, or to run an illustration for income.  Every good Estate Planning process usually involves incorporating a fixed annuity into the plan for safety and preservation of principal.

Joe DiNardo

Vice President

Antonio DiNardo

Marketing Director,
Group Health Manager

Broker Management

Joe Covell

CBPI Health: Broker Support Individual Health

Joe Covell began his career with Custom Benefit Plans, Inc. as an unlicensed appointment setter in the lead generation department, during the fall of 2011. After 8 months of success, Sal and Joe DiNardo strongly encouraged Joe Covell to obtain his Pennsylvania Health and Life Insurance License, which he accomplished in the spring of 2012. In the winter of 2013, after a year of selling individual and group health products, Sal DiNardo began to develop Joe to head an aggressive national recruiting effort for both Cigna’s brand new Medicare Supplement Products, and Aetna’s Under 65 Pre Affordable Care Act Individual Health Products. With the birth of Healthcare.gov (Obamacare), in October of 2014 Joe fully embraced all the new changes and proved himself as a highly knowledgeable authority on the emerging market. Joe’s role then developed further into his current role as a broker manager and product specialist for the new ACA/Obamacare market. In his spare time Joe is a highly active musician performing in 3 live bands all over the region, as well as a videography hobbyist and avid fitness enthusiast.

Support Team

Josephine DiNardo

CBPI Health: Group Account Manager

Josephine joined Custom Benefit Plans in 2011 as the Annuity Vault case manager. Throughout her career with CBPI, Josephine has served as the liaison between clients, agents and carriers. She addresses customers’ needs and concerns quickly and effectively. 

She enjoys spending her free time with family at the shore.

Mary Skripko

CBPI Health: Licensing & Commissions

Mary has been working at Custom Benefit Plans, Inc. since its formation in 1998.  Mary is the Director of the Licensing/Contracting Department of the Health Department and also handles the commission payments.

In her free tie Mary enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Monica Tuscano

CBPI Health New Business Administrator & Support

The year 2008 was a good year—Sal DiNardo hired me to work for Custom Benefit Plans and the Phillies won the World Series.  When you visit Custom Benefit Plans, I will greet you as I work the receptionist desk.  Among my other responsibilities are: processing new business for Medicare Supplement, Short Term Medical and Individual dental plans.  I also work with the commission team entering data in our commission systems.  When needed I assist in handling some contracting, commission inquiries and Medicare Advantage processing.  By the way, let’s hope that the Phillies start winning again in 2016.

Donna Green

CBPI Life: Case Manager

Responsible to follow through with applications once they are submitted to the carrier. Act as a representative to the agent in getting requirements to the carrier to get policies approved. Once they are approved, send the policies to the agent to deliver to the client and then return the completed requirements to the carrier to place in force.

Alyson George

CBPI Health: Administration

Natalie Cahill

CBPI Health: New Business Administrator & Support

Natalie has been involved in the insurance industry since 1979 and has been a vital part of our team since day one.  With her superb organizational skills she works processing new business for all lines of health insurance in additional providing outstanding broker support.  Natalie is an avid reader and loves to sew in her free time that isn’t spent  with her grandchildren.