Company Information

AgeWell has Medicare Advantage and Long Term Care Plans in New York. Their service area includes Westchester, Bronx, New York (Manhattan), Queens, Kings (Brooklyn), Nassau, and Suffolk counties.

They have multi-lingual staff that can assist members in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and other languages.

Broker Help Desk:

Phone: 718-696-0244

Member Services:

Toll Free: 1-866-586-8044

TTY/TDD: 1-800-662-1220

Company Website:



2018 Certification

Certification for the Following Products:

Medicare Advantage

Certification Start Date:


Is AHIP Required?

Information is currently unavailable.

What is the Cost of AHIP?

Information is currently unavailable.

Who Do I Contact at Carrier to Confirm Certification?

Agents can contact AgeWell’s Broker Help Desk at 717-696-0244.

Certification Web Link:

Submitting Business

Important Information:

Please make sure to submit applications within 24 hours of the signature date!

How to Submit Business with AgeWell:


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