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Forethought Life Insurance Company
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Forethought Life Insurance Company
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Phone: 855-447-2537


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Phone: 877-244-7526


Submitting Business


How to Submit Med Supp Business with Foresters:

Please use this fax transmittal sheet and fax new business to 855-808-0944.

States with Under Age 65 Requirements:

All plans are available. Coverage is guarantee issue if applied for within six months of Part B enrollment.

  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

Coverage Effective Dates:

Coverage will be made effective on the application date or date of termination of other coverage, whichever is later.


If an applicant has had a Medicare Supplement policy issued by Forethought Life Insurance Company within the last 60 days, any new applications will be considered to be a replacement application. If more than 60 days has elapsed since prior coverage was in force, then applications will follow normal underwriting rules.


When a Medicare Supplement policy has lapsed and it is within 90 days of the last paid to date, coverage may be reinstated, based upon meeting the underwriting requirements.

When a Medicare Supplement policy has lapsed and it is more than 90 days beyond the last paid to date, the coverage cannot be reinstated. The client may, however, apply for new coverage. All underwriting requirements must be met before a new policy can be issued.

Policy Delivery Receipt:

Delivery receipts are required on all policies issued in:

  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • West Virginia


During AEP and OEP

  • Complete the Medicare Advantage section on the Medicare Supplement application
  • Send a copy of the applicant’s Medicare Advantage plan’s disenrollment notice with the application
  • Send a copy of the letter the applicant sent to his/her Medicare Advantage Plan requesting disenrollment
  • Send a signed statement the the applicant has requested to be disenrolled from his/her Medicare Advantage Plan

After March 31 (outside AEP and OEP)

  • Complete the Medicare Advantage section on the Medicare Supplement application
  • Send a copy of the applicant’s Medicare Advantage plan’s disenrollment notice with the application

Enrollment/Policy Fee:

There will be a one-time application fee of $25.00 ($6.00 in Mississippi) that will be collected with each applicant’s initial payment. For a husband and wife written on the same application, $50 in fees must be collected. This will not affect the renewal premiums.

The application fee does not apply in West Virginia.

Completing the Premium on the Application:

Monthly direct billing is not allowed. If utilizing Electronic Funds Transfer (“EFT”), you must complete the Authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer form. The policy will NOT be issued until the completed form is received.

Collection of Premium:

At least one month’s premium must be submitted with the application. If a mode other than monthly is selected, then the full modal premium must be submitted with the application.

Note: Forethought Life Insurance Company does not accept post-dated checks or payments from third parties, including any foundations, as premium for Medicare Supplement/Select.


The ideal turnaround time provided to the producer is 11-14 days, including mail time. The effective date cannot be on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of the month.

Insurance Policies/Certificates:

If the applicant is applying during a guarantee issue period, you must include proof of eligibility. If the applicant is replacing another Medicare Supplement policy/certificate, you must include the replacement notice. If the applicant is leaving a Medicare Advantage plan, you must include the replacement notice.


If someone other than the applicant is signing the application (i.e., Power of Attorney), please include copies of the papers appointing that person as the legal representative.

Mailing Applications to Prospects:

The producer may conduct the interview over the phone and mail the completed application to the prospect when face-to-face interviews aren’t possible.

Over-the-Phone Interview Process:

Call the prospect that responded to a lead. Communicate the process and complete the required forms over the telephone.

Ask the prospect all the questions on the application, replacement notice, and state special forms (if needed). Print the answers.

Place the following in an envelope, making sure to (1) indicate which forms to sign and what to return to you; (2) ask the prospect to verify all the information including his/her Medicare card number, to make necessary corrections and initial changes; and (3) invite the prospect to contact you with any questions.

  • Cover letter (attach your business card)
  • Application and forms with signature areas and premium highlighted.
  • Outline of Coverage, Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare.
  • Postage-paid addressed envelope.
  • Prospect reviews and signs forms.
  • Verify and sign forms.

Notes: You must be licensed to sell in the state where the prospect is a resident. Privacy requirements prohibit discussing eligibility for other products over the telephone. The producer who solicited the business must sign the application.


Please submit new business directly to Forethought Life Insurance Company. Please send completed and signed documents to an address below.

For Regular Mail:

Forethought Life Insurance Company
P.O. Box 246
Batesville, IN 47006-0246

For Overnight Delivery:

Forethought Life Insurance Company
One Forethought Center
Batesville, IN 47006

Client Services:

Phone: 877-244-7526


Commission statements can be viewed at under the “Reporting” tab.



Fax: 855-249-4957



Product information, brochures, illustration software, and additional agent information can be found in the Forethought Annuity Electronic Toolkit.