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Medicare Supplement

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Phone: 800-863-8963

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Ordering Supplies:

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Fax: 866-931-5502

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Life/Final Expense


Gerber Life Insurance Company
445 State Street
Fremont, MI 49412

Agent Services:

Phone: 800-428-4947

Product Information, Quotes, and Applications:

For product information, quotes, and applications, please contact Jed Karpinski at 800-769-1847 ext. 226 or Brenda Salyer at 800-769-1847 ext. 302.

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Submitting Business

Medicare Supplement

Important Information:

Properly completed applications should be finalized within five to seven days of receipt at Gerber Life Insurance Company. Your agent number and commission code “SB” should be included on the completed application.

The ideal turnaround time provided to the producer is 11-14 days, including mail time.

How to Submit Medicare Supplement Business with Gerber Life Insurance Company:

Paper Applications

  • Fax: 866-422-9139
  • Mail
    • New Business Mailing Address
      • Gerber Life Insurance Company
        P. O. Box 2271
        Omaha, NE 68103-2271
    • Overnight Mailing Address
      • Gerber Life Insurance Company
        Blair Facility
        9330 State Highway 133
        Blair, NE 68008-6179

Enrollment/Policy Fee:

There is a one-time application fee of $25.00. For a husband & wife written on same application, the fee is $50.00.

Collection of Premium:

One month’s premium must be submitted with the application. If a mode other than monthly is selected, then the full modal premium must be submitted with the application.

  • Annual
  • Semi-Annual
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly EFT
  • No Monthly Direct Billing

Gerber Life does not accept post-dated checks or payment from third parties. If the premium will be paid by a business account, the information located on the “Producer Information” form needs to be completed. Gerber Life will communicate with the producer by telephone, e-mail, or fax in the event of a premium shortage.

Life/Final Expense

How to Submit Your FIRST Piece of Life/Final Expense Business with Gerber Life Insurance Company:

When contracting with Gerber Life, you will not receive a writing number until you submit your first piece of business, unless you are contracting in one of their pre-appointment states. Pre-appointment states for Gerber Life are GA, LA, PA WI, and Puerto Rico. Do not write an application in any of these states prior to receiving a writing number.

You may submit your first piece of business to Ritter (Attn: Brenda Salyer) with your contracting, or you may send it to the following address:

Insurance Services Processing Center
P. O. Box 14157
Clearwater, FL 33766-9904

How to Submit New Life/Final Expense Business with Gerber Life Insurance Company After You Receive Your Writing Number:

Once you have written your first piece of business, you will be issued a writing number and have the ability to submit future applications electronically.

An appointed agent can login and submit business via the following ways:

  • Submit new business applications via Gerber Life’s Agent Portal.
    • Approximately 24 hours after you have received your writing number, you can log into the Gerber Agent Portal.
    • Your User ID will be your Agent ID (without the hyphen) and your initial password is the first 8 letters of your last name (or your full last name if it is shorter than 8 letters).
  • Fax new business applications to 877-608-4634.
  • If a check or money order is collected with the application, all paperwork must be mailed to the address below.
    • Gerber Life Insurance Company
      Attn: New Business Supervisor
      445 State Street
      Fremont, MI 49412

Quoting Prior to Receiving Your Writing Number:

When running quotes, please keep in mind that Gerber Life gives your clients who are paying by ACH (automatic checking deduction) up to an eight percent discount on premium rates over any other form of payment. Please confirm with your client that they are ok with paying by bank draft and run your quotes accordingly.

Prior to being issued a writing number, you will not have access to the Gerber Life website for online applications, but you may use the temporary site to run quotes for your clients.

User Id: 85040999

Password: secret1234


Medicare Supplement

General Information:

  • Medicare Part B deductible premium is NOT commissionable.
  • Policy/Application fees are NOT commissionable.
  • Unearned commission within any policy year will be charged back on any premium refunded to the policy owner.
  • Commission will not be charged back for a policy terminated due to death of the insured.

Advanced Commissions:

  • Advanced commissions must be approved by your upline and the company. Gerber offers advanced commissions for 6, 9, or 12 months.
  • There is an interest charge of one percent per month associated with advances.

Life/Final Expense

General Information:

Commissions are paid to agents directly from Gerber Life.

Contact for Inquiries Regarding Life/Final Expense Commissions:

If you have a commission question, the most effective way to resolve the issue is to email Gerber Life’s Commission Team at Please include your writing number and a detailed message regarding this issue. You may also call Gerber Life’s Agent Services Department at 1-800-428-4947.


Medicare Supplement

How to Order Medicare Supplement Supplies with Gerber Life Insurance Company:

To order supplies, please fax your completed Gerber Life supply order form to 866-931-5502 or call 877–617-5592.

Life/Final Expense

How to Order Life/Final Expense Supplies with Gerber Life Insurance Company:

Gerber Life does not supply printed brochures for its Life Insurance products. Once you are issued a writing number, you will be able to download printable versions of the brochure and application.

Prior to receiving your writing number, if you need brochures or applications, please contact Nick Walter, at