Company Information

Agent Services:

Phone: 1-844-502-6780


Policyholder Services:

Phone: 866-937-5828

Fax: 385-312-1386


Phone: 866-937-5828

New Business:

Fax: 385-312-1385


Fax: 385-312-1384

Agent Portal:

Submitting Business


For tele-underwriting, please call 1-866-579-3418. The detailed process for submitting tele-applications can be found in the GCU Underwriting Guide.

How to Submit New Business with GCU:

  • Fax new business to 385-312-1385.
  • Mail new business to one of the addresses below.
    • GCU New Business Overnight:
      • Greek Catholic Union
        3 Triad Center
        Suite #200
        Salt Lake City, UT 84180
    • GCU General Mail:
      • Greek Catholic Union
        P.O. Box 3510
        Salt Lake City, UT 84110-3510
    • GCU Premium Only
      • Greek Catholic Union
        P.O. Box 4076
        Salt Lake City, UT 84110-4076
  • Scan and upload new business via the Agent Portal. (Documents must be in a PDF or TIFF format to upload them.)


General Information:

Commissions are paid direct by the carrier. Commission payments and statements can be accessed via the “Support” tab in the Agent Portal.


How to Order Supplies for GCU:

To order GCU supplies, go to the Agent Portal and select the “Supplies” tab. Then, download, print, or order supplies.