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2016 Certification

All agents and brokers participating in the FFM must complete registration on the CMS Enterprise Portal at (i.e., create an FFM user account, select the agent/broker role, and complete identity proofing) if they have not done so previously.

To continue participation in the Federally-facilitated Individual Marketplace each year, agents and brokers must also complete a Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS) profile, complete the required training and exams, and execute the Individual Marketplace Agreements (i.e., General and Privacy & Security Agreement). To begin this process, agents and brokers must log in to the CMS Enterprise Portal.

For plan year 2016, agents and brokers can complete the CMS-developed training on the MLMS or through a CMS-approved vendor. Agents and brokers will access both the CMS-developed training and CMS-approved vendor training via the CMS Enterprise Portal.

In addition to being able to complete ACA certification through the CMS Enterprise Portal, you have the option to complete the certification through 1 of 3 approved external vendors: AHIP, Gorman or NAHU. There are no additionally carrier specific certifications required in order to be able to sell ACA products.

Completion of a training curriculum, including the associated exams, through one of the above CMS-approved vendors will fulfill the FFM training requirement for agents and brokers registering to participate in the Individual Marketplaces for plan year 2016.

If you complete FFM training through a CMS-approved vendor, you will still need to execute the applicable Agreements with CMS on the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS) prior to assisting consumers seeking to enroll in health coverage through the FFM.