Company Information

Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company
Transamerica Senior Markets
4333 Edgewood Road NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52499

Medicare Supplement

Administrative Office

  • Phone Number: 888-668-0335
    • Option 1 – New Business / Underwriting
    • Option 2 – Customer Service / Claims
    • Option 3 – Licensing & Contracting
    • Option 4 – Commissions
    • Option 5 – Sales Support
    • Option 6 – Agent Technical Support

Tranamerica Premier Life Agent Portal –

Individual Life and Final Expense


  • 877-234-4848 option 4
  • Fax: 866-352-6502
  • E-Mail:

Customer Service

  • 877-234-4848 option 4
  • Fax; 800-235-4782
  • E-Mail:

Sales Support

  • 877-234-4848 option 6, 1
  • Fax: 501-227-1373
  • E-Mail:

New Business and Underwriting

  • 877-234-4848 option 1
  • Fax: 866-834-0437
  • E-Mail:

Agent Technical Support Issues

  • 866-303-7833

Submitting Business

Medicare Supplement Application Submission

E-App – Transamerica Premier Life E-Apps are submitted using iGo and detailed information can be accessed through the agent web portal under E-App tab.

Transamerica Premier New Business Fax – 866-834-0437

Mailing Address (No Claims):

  • Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company
  • 4333 Edgewood Rd NE
  • Cedar Rapids, IA 52499

Administrative Office Email Addresses:

  • New Business/Underwriting
  • Customer Service
  • Agent Technical Support

*The New Business/Underwriting email box is for inquires or escalations only. Please do NOT email applications or other documents to this email address, as this box is unsecured and documents sent there will not be accepted. To email documents please utilize the secured email process found on the agent web portal, under the New Business Tab.

Individual Life Application Submission

All individual life applications that require an APS and/or paramedical exam MUST be submitted through Ritter Insurance Marketing.

There are four ways to submit your applications to Ritter:

  • Cases can be submitted electronically through the iGO e-Application process.
  • Applications can be e-mailed to our secure e-mail at L&
  • Applications may be faxed to our secure new business fax line at 888-622-0436.
  • Any applications that include a live check should be mailed to:
    • Ritter Insurance Marketing
    • 2600 Commerce Drive
    • Harrisburg, PA 17110

Upon receipt of new business, our Case Manager will review the application for any missing information, verify that all required forms are included, and submit the case within 24 hours to the carrier. If any missing information or forms are found, the Case Manager will reach out to the producer via e-mail requesting the needed information.

If the application requires a paramedical exam or attending physician statement (APS), the Case Manager will order these items. The agent may order their own exams for their client; however, this must be noted on the coversheet so duplicate exams are not ordered.

Final Expense Application Submission

Applications for simplified issue final expense products may be submitted directly to the carrier at the fax and/or mailing address below.

However, if you prefer to have a Case Manager review, submit and track your case on your behalf, we will be happy to do so. A Case Manager will provide you with weekly updates until the case has been issued. You may submit your application to the attention of our Life & Annuity Case Manager via e-mail to L& or via fax at (888) 622-0436.

Submitting Applications: (Faxing is the preferred method):


  • 866-834-0437

If mailing the application and/or check for initial premium please send with cover sheet to:

  • 4333 Edgewood Road NE
  • Cedar Rapids, IA 52499

Personal History Interviews

  • 866-890-0368 (UNIVITA)


Commissions are paid directly by the carrier and commission statements can be accessed through the commissions tab on the agent web portal.

  • 877-234-4848 option 2
  • Fax: 319-355-4062
  • E-Mail:


Supplies can be ordered through the Forms Tab on the agent web portal and can be downloaded and printed or an order can be placed to be shipped via mail.

Online Supply Ordering